CrossFit Accessories That Work

Had a great morning WOD this AM, with skill work on the clean pull with relatively heavy weight (135# for me) and then a 10 minute AMRAP of 10 115# power cleans, 10 115# push presses and 10 burpees. I completed two full rounds + 2 power cleans at Rx weight and it felt great to Rx another whole workout. Very cool to see improvement! My wife laughed at my “accessories” before the workout today and I was decked out in all my glory, for sure, but I’ve found a few things that I think work GREAT and that’s the only reason I use them. It’s certainly not for fashion! LOL

Rocktape Shin Skins

In full disclosure, I teach continuing education courses in Fascial Movement Taping that are sponsored by Rocktape and they did send these to me free of charge. That being said, if I didn’t like them I wouldn’t mention them!

Shin Skins come in “Manifesto,” all black and lime green, but beyond the aesthetics the all function the same. They are basically shinguards for CrossFit! They are snug-fitting Lycra fabric with a lightly padded (think like 3x thickness in the front compared to the back) front side that protects your shins from the knee down to the ankle. The photo shows them in use during a rope climb, but I use them for all the Olympic lifting, deadlifts, etc. If you’ve cheese-grated the front of your shin during a lifting session you know how a little protection can go a long way.

They are a nice bit of extra insurance during box jumps, too, in case you miss a jump you might not hurt yourself nearly as bad as skin to metal/wood. Ouch!

Shin Skins have a little grippy material on the inside of the top and bottom cuff to keep them from sliding down. If you’ve ever worn arm or leg warmers as a cyclist, you will be very familiar with the concept and function of Shin Skins.

They work GREAT and for $50 retail I think they are a worthy investment for anyone who wants to have decent-looking shins from all that working out, instead of scabby, cratered monster legs.

Gym Rat Wrist Wraps

When it comes to wrist wraps there are a LOT of choices out there, and they all seem to be essentially the same thing, so find the aesthetics you like and get some. The concept is simple: a long strip of doubled-over cloth about 3″ wide and 24″ long or so with a knotted string on the end. You wrap them around your wrist, loop the string around the wrap and tuck it under itself. The knot will hold. You can twist and untwist the wrap to tighten/loosen them during the WOD as needed, and scootch them up or down your wrist for more or less support.

These give you extra wrist support for push type movements (pushups, HSPU’s, burpees, bench press, push press, etc etc) and cleans. They work GREAT! There are a million colors to choose from and custom fabric options for people who want to brand their own. They are $20 each and are a worthy investment. My wrists are funky, and they like the Gym Rat wrist wraps, a lot. Very easy to use, as you will see in the video below.

If you decide to order any wrist wraps from Gym Rat, they supplied me with this link ( that will save you 10% off your order. A few bucks is a few bucks!

Buff Headwear

I am a sweat MONSTER when I work out and for months I have just been putting up with it. I was going to buy a few bandanas to use as sweat bands and then I remembered the Buff, made famous by the Survivor TV show. These are made out of Coolmax fabric that wicks moisture away from your head (or neck, or wherever you wear it, and there are a million ways) and they have no seams to chafe. I bought two of their new Half Buffs and one classic full-size one. After using the Half Buff, I think those are the way to go for CrossFit WOD’s. The full Buff is probably better for general outdoor use.

Buff uses some proprietary stuff in the fabric to keep the bacteria down, and I’ve read reports of people wearing these all day everyday on long hiking trips with no funky smells or growths coming out of them, which is pretty impressive.

I’ve just been wearing the Half Buff like a headband and it keeps the sweat off my face completely. I will say that for face-down stuff, like our post-workout stretching, the sweat moved to the front of the headband and started dripping off, which was kind of gross, but at least it wasn’t all over my face, in my eyes, on my glasses, etc. I literally wrung the Buff out after the WOD this morning and sweat poured out. Gross, but cool! Rather than testing how long I can go before the funk sets in, I just rinsed it out and hung it up in the bathroom so it can be used again next WOD.

I wish I’d bought some of these 4 months ago, but better late than never.

Rx’ing Hero WOD’s… What’s Next, The Moon?

Today was a big day for me in term of my gains (or is that “gainz?” LOL) from doing CrossFit. Like my last post said, we’re in the grind… knocking out day after day of working out (4/week, 3 CrossFit WOD’s and one kettlebell workout, which is an ass-kicker every time) and sticking to Paleo/Whole 30 pretty religiously. Now that the Open workouts are done, we’re back to doing regular CrossFit WOD’s on Friday mornings and today’s was The Chief (check the video out below). It’s a 3 minute AMRAP of 3×155# power cleans, 6 pushups and 9 air squats. Then a rest for 1 minute and repeat for 5 cycles for a total.

I did 8 full rounds plus one more power clean at the end. What I am proud of today is that I rx’d the weight, didn’t go lighter and I also did all my rounds of pushups as real, unmodified pushups. When I started at the very end of December I couldn’t do more than 3-4 pushups at a time, certainly not 30 in a 15 minute workout, and I was able to do them all as rx’d. I know 30 PU’s is nothing for a lot of people, but a lot of people aren’t me! LOL

Feels GREAT to rx an entire workout, especially a tough one like The Chief, which honors all the Chief Petty Officers of the Navy who’ve put everything on the line for us to maintain our freedoms. God bless!