6 Months In… Now What?

Hello, my fluffy (and maybe not so fluffy, now!) readers! It has been forever and a day since my last post which makes me officially the world’s worst blogger, but hey, sorry! I’m right at my 6 month mark (WOW, time FLIES!) for doing CrossFit and kettlebell workouts and it’s time to check in.

I weighed in on work’s miserable excuse for a BMI machine and there is some info to be gleaned from that. Ignoring my BMI, which is a fairly stupid measure to begin with (for example, my instructor is 6 and a half feet tall, in his early 50’s and 11% bodyfat, you can see every vein in his body, and his BMI is “morbidly obese.” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL), I have:

  • Lost about 15 pounds
  • Gained some lean muscle. I can see some veins popping up in my arms, and I can definitely feel new muscle where it wasn’t before.
  • Dropped 6.5% of my total body fat.

Now, for most people this is a pretty slow burn, but this is also sustainable for me. There’s a gal at our box who looks awesome and has dropped something like 20 pounds and 12% bodyfat or something ridiculous in 12 weeks. Everyone’s metabolism is a bit different!

I have also been more concerned with form, proper movement, learning the right way to do things, etc than blasting out heavy, bad reps, etc. With the exception of some aches and pains and the one missed box jump where I twisted my ankle 5.5 months ago, I am injury-free and making it to 4-5 WOD’s per week, so that is a stark contrast to some of the folks in my box who’ve been going balls to the wall and have been out for injuries or have injuries brewing because of form breaks they haven’t recognized. I’m OK with the slow burn.

Paleo is going well. Very easy for us.

Been hitting PR’s a lot. Did a 265# squat the other day, which I was happy with. Also did a half Murph on Memorial Day on Monday and finished it in 46 minutes and change with scaled pull-ups and everything else Rx. I thought I’d max out at around 60 push-ups and I got all 100! And we just did a kettlebell workout this morning with a swing/push-up ladder from 1-10-1 (which equals 100 swings and 100 pushups) and I was able to do those, too. I’ve literally done more PU’s in this week than in my whole adult life, if you factor out the CrossFit WOD’s. LOL

So, there are things I am realizing now:

  • To generate more power in certain lifts, I’m going to have to train those things more specifically.
  • To learn skills, you’ve got to work at them. In the near future I’ll be buying some stall mats from Tractor Supply to set up a little low-tech gym in the garage so I can work on some things… double-unders, maybe start doing handstands and working toward HSPU’s, some kettlebells to get workouts in on off days and work on strength, and probably an Abmat.
  • My goal of attaining at least one strict pull-up is going to be tough to get. I HAVE to start working on back strength SPECIFICALLY for this. So, I’ve got a set of gym rings and straps (great, lifetime warranty wooden ones with straps, no tax and free shipping on sale from Muscledriver.com right now, $52!) on the way to start doing ring rows and things.

Overall I am very happy with my progress. I’m getting new skills, I’m building muscle, my pants and shorts are starting to have trouble staying up (lost two belt sizes) so I will be needing to do some clothes shopping soon (which will probably depress me, but oh well), and I feel like I am making progress that is sustainable and creating a new lifestyle for myself.

Chime in on what progress you’ve been making! I’d love to hear about it!

Cheating On Paleo: Not Worth It

We’ve been doing Paleo/Whole 30 for several months now and, for the most part, doing pretty well with it. I’ve always been the cook in the family and we’ve always cooked all our meals at home, so it’s no big deal. We make a big batch of soup or chili on Sunday to use for lunch all week, etc. A little planning is all it takes. And there is a TON of variety as long as you like lots of different meats, fish and veggies, which we totally do.

I was in Austin, TX for a few days to do some teaching, and I fell off the wagon a little. There was a great beer garden/restaurant about 1/2 mile from my hotel called Bangers with 101 taps of GOOD beers (not a single crappy beer on the menu, not a single macro brew, and they even had a kombucha tap, a cold-brewed coffee tap, a micro-root beer and a couple beers on cask) and being a big beer geek, I knew I was going to do some cheating. I actually ate pretty well over the weekend, for the most part, but the beers got my gut all inflamed (at least that’s what it felt like) and I had a bloated feeling that a week later still hasn’t totally gone away (gee, think I might be a bit gluten-sensitive?) as well as a resurgence of heartburn that I haven’t had a single episode of in almost 6 months now.

The point? You can eat whatever you want. If you are like me and trying to lose weight as well as get fitness, you HAVE to choose a diet that works for you, longterm. Most of us who are in this position CANNOT think that we can go back to eating like shit once we reach a goal. First of all, it isn’t healthy, period. Secondly, we’ll blow right back up to where we started in record time. I haven’t put 5 months of daily 5:45AM workouts under my belt to have my stomach going OVER my belt again! LOL

Keep up the fight, my fluffy friends!