How the CrossFit Open Leaderboard Scores Work

A bunch of people have been scratching their heads about how the CrossFit Open leaderboard scoring works because it is somewhat (LOL) confusing and mysterious. Here is how to interpret all those numbers you see on the leaderboard. Let’s use the current (as of 3/19/14… happy birthday to me, by the way!) women’s individual leaderboard as our example:

Women's Individual Leaderboard

Women’s Individual Leaderboard

OK, so all those numbers confuse even the brightest people, so don’t feel bad if you scratch your head every time you look at it! First of all, the first number to the far left of the athlete’s row (left of their name) is the athlete’s ranking according to whatever filter you’ve applied (here we’re looking at worldwide rankings). Samantha Briggs is in first place, so that number is “1.” Kaleena Ladealrous is #2 in the world for individual women, so she has a “2” over by her name. That part makes sense, right?

The number in parentheses next to the ranking is a little tougher to figure out, but that is the athlete’s total number of points, and you want this particular number to be as LOW as possible. This is the same way the actual Games points are calculated, too, where lower scores = better.

So, how are “scores” calculated? They are the sum of your ranking from each workout (in this case, since we’re looking at the Open, then the score is the sum of your ranking from each Open WOD). We’ll come back to this in a second.

Let’s jump over to the Workout columns. There are two numbers in each Workout column. In Samantha’s case, she has “1 (472)” for Workout 01, “27 (274)” for Workout 02, etc. The first number in each Workout column is the athlete’s ranking for THAT WORKOUT. The second number, in parentheses, is the athlete’s number of reps for that workout. So, in this case, you want the number in parentheses to be as LARGE AS POSSIBLE. Hence the confusion for the overall leaderboard.

So, when we look at Samantha’s Workout columns, we see that she placed 1st in the world in the first workout with 472 reps, giving her a ranking of 1. In the second WOD she did 274 reps which ranked her 27th in the world and in the third workout she placed fifth in the world with 187 reps.

That gives her rankings of 1, 27 and 5. When we calculate her POINTS, then, she has 1 + 27 + 5 = 33. Hence the “33” in parentheses next to her name.

So, the individual reps are really just there so you can see how much you suck compared to professional CrossFitters! LOL The real numbers that matter are the POINTS, which are simply your rank in each workout added up. Again, LOWER POINTS = BETTER.

I hope that clears up any confusion you may’ve been having!

Is it already March?

Well, anyone who is still reading knows how terrible I am at actually blogging. I guess it’s more work and less “fun” to me, so once I’m home I don’t do it! LOL

To recap my last post, one of my primary goals this year is to get my diet and nutrition tuned up and actually lose some weight and continue remolding my body constitution. I got off to a rocky start, starting the year, literally, with strep throat and a couple weeks of feeling generally awful, then things picked up. I have been gluten-free, including beer (UGH!!!!) all year so far except for what little has sneaked into my food accidentally (like some fries my wife bought for a slight cheat one night). Beer is about the only thing I really miss and feel bad about, not that I was a big drinker, but I am a big beer geek and completely abstaining sucks. LOL

My wife has been on a big sugar binge for about 2 months so that has been affecting me, too. Daily ice cream, lots of gluten-free bakery goods all over the house, etc. So, she’s working on cutting that out and that will be good. I was definitely slimming down before the ice cream binge went into effect last month, so I’m looking forward to getting back on track.

Have been feeling like my recoveries are slow after working out this year. I think I’m chronically under-hydrated, so that’s a constant problem. I started using this Elete electrolyte product that I like and it makes drinking more water easier. I also haven’t been getting the cramping I was getting toward the end of last year. We just “sprang ahead” Sunday night and the Monday WOD was brutal, feeling like I was up at 4AM instead of 5. It was horrible, but even being in a half daze and wandering around for a kettlebell for 40 seconds in my first round of the WOD I ended up improving my time by 1:44, so I guess I am still making gains?!

In a month (first weekend of April) I’m going to be taking the CrossFit Level 1 seminar because I’m hoping it’ll open up some professional doors for me. I will review the course once I’ve gone through it and I’m looking forward to it.

Finally, I’m close to getting that first pull-up. Moving 150 pounds from a dead hang is still a crazy feat, I think, so my strength:weight ratio still sucks, but I’m getting there. I’m fitter two weeks out from 39 years old than I ever have been my whole life.