Keep Your Chin Up

Courtesy of The Fontana Studios

This past weekend I was in Portland, OR for work, but I was able to spend a couple hours in the city and it was a PERFECT weekend! After standing in line at an ice cream shop (Salt & Straw) for the better part of an hour (worth every minute of it!) I spotted this mural as I was walking back to my car. It’s part of the Forest for the Trees mural project which you can read about here (

It’s a good reminder for a lot of reasons, especially when you push yourself hard whether it’s in working out, just plain work, relationships, or whatever. I’ve always found it very easy to focus on the negative, and I don’t think I’m alone in that. In a class of 40 doctors I may have two who leave me negative comments while 38 have rave reviews. Guess which ones I focus on and let beat me up? Or you work out on a day where you feel so-so and your score gets worse compared to the last time you did the WOD. Most people would be in bed or binge drinking or whatever it is they do to get through a tough day and here you are WORKING OUT! Yeah, you didn’t set ANOTHER personal record, but you still put the work in when you didn’t have to, right?

It’s easy to beat yourself up. Lots of people struggle with that and if you’re like me it can become a lifelong battle of you against yourself. While I do believe it’s ALWAYS important to do your best in everything you do and always to put 100% in, sometimes you have to balance that with just a LITTLE attitude called “DGAF” (Don’t Give A F#$!) when it comes to the little bumps in the road. We can work on our mentality WOD together, how’s that sound?

Post your own struggles and how you’ve been able to get through them to inspire the rest of us and keep your chin up!