Quick Lessons, 8 months In

Sorry I’ve been such a lazy blogger. Trying to get more regular with things, especially the more people comment and tell me they are reading or gaining something from this! Keep up the great work, everybody!

Just a quick post today about some things I’ve learned over the past 8.5 months of doing all this stuff, or lessons that are important and need to be shared again…

1) Form is everything. If you don’t have the basic form for the exercise, don’t add the intensity or weight yet. If you can’t do a good air squat, what makes you think that doing 30 squats in a row with 200 pounds on your shoulders is a good idea? Master form first, THEN start adding intensity/weight. Always.

2) Scaling isn’t just about weight, it’s also about intensity. A lot of CrossFit WOD’s are designed to redline you for the duration. Look at Fran. People (not me) can knock this WOD out in 2:30, easy. LOL Let’s say you can do an unscaled Fran, but it takes you 18 minutes to do it. You should scale. The point it a fit of max effort, not a grind. We know the obvious scaling is for weight (“Gee, I can’t overhead squat 200#, so I’ll do 95# instead…”) or the movement itself (“Gee, I can’t do a muscle up, so I will do ring dips instead…”) but don’t forget to scale for intensity, too.

3) Weight loss comes from diet. Strict paleo probably won’t work for a lot of you if you are doing 4 WOD’s/week like we do. You have to have some carbs in that diet with this much exercise or your body will hold onto fat like a tourist clutching their fanny pack on a crowded subway! That being said, that doesn’t mean you can do a 7-minute AMRAP in the AM and spend the rest of the day stuffing your face. 100 grams or less of carbs is probably your goal and some of those should be starches, but choose wisely. Sweet potatoes, root veggies, etc are your best bet. Stay away from gluten and all the sweet, sugary stuff that got us in this place to begin with, right?

Along with the diet thing, it’s easy to eat too little. Less so if you are having some starches, but when I was doing strict by the book Paleo I was underfeeding myself for months on end. 

That’s it for now, my fluffy friends. Have a great rest of the week and I will try to be better about posting more regularly!

2 thoughts on “Quick Lessons, 8 months In

  1. Hi man–great blog! I’m a fellow fluffy Crossfitter from Kansas City (I work out at Sky’s Limit in Waldo), and this was a really helpful post to read about 5 months in–as was the rest of your blog. Keep up the great writing!

    PS–The Pink for Paige thing was a blast, even though it fried me!

    • Super! Yes, that was a GREAT event. My wife won a GPS running watch in one of the drawings and was able to sell it and donate another $100 back to Paige. CrossFit is such a great community! Keep up the good work! CrossFit never gets any easier!

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